Valkyries Wing

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13 pieces only will ever exist of this design. Comes with sterling silver Chain, (or leather chord if you choose) pendant box, and numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Please note chain length in order notse (18 or 20 inch).


This design was hand drawn by myself in Shapr3d. That design was then printed on a 3d printer and casted to make these beautiful wings!


These will be casted and finished after the pre order has closed on May 23rd. Please allow 2 weeks from then for the pieces to be made and shipped to you. Arriving around the 3rd week. All pieces will be priority shipped if inside the states. International shipping is available. If you want a stone added, message me and we can discuss the price.



Sterling Silver (stamped (.925)



1.35inches tall / 34mm

.59inches / 15mm widest


Valkyries are cosmic beings from the Northern mythos. Tasked by Odin to bring the souls of fallen warriors to Valhalla, these winged maidens were held in high renown by the northern people.


This design was made with the intention of allowing all of us to carry to protection and energy of the Valkyries with us today.


"May you forever prosper and rejoice. Sing now for your battle is won, and you shall revel with the God's in the high heavens once again."